Book Recommendations #2

Here’s my 2nd recommendation list:

1. If The Shoe Fits by Sarah Mlynowski
2. Recipes for Adventure by Giada De Laurentiis
3. Designs by Isabelle (the author is Laurence Yep)
4. The Fairy Tale Matchmaker by E.D. Baker
5. Best Friends Forever! by Chloe Ryder (Haven’t read the rest of the series but I’m sure that they are just as good!)

Hopefully I’ll be able to connect the amazon link here eventually. In the meantime, you can type the book title in your search box and you’ll see it and then want to buy it if you want to. More to come! Authors: If you see your book on my book recommendation list, let me know! Thanks.


Book Review – My Secret Unicorn A Special Friend

My Secret Unicorn Books (My Secret Unicorn -5 Books, The Magic Spell, Dreams Come True, Starlight Surprise, A special Friend, Stronger than Magic) (amazon affiliate link)

This book is about ponies, unicorns and special friends. It made me feel good.

Lauren is a girl about my age with short straight hair. She liked Moonshine and she discovered Twilight was a unicorn. Moonshine is a white pony .  I like unicorns but not horses  but I loved the book ever since. I recommend to read My Secret Unicorn A Special Friend (this book).