Book Review – My Secret Unicorn A Special Friend

My Secret Unicorn Books (My Secret Unicorn -5 Books, The Magic Spell, Dreams Come True, Starlight Surprise, A special Friend, Stronger than Magic) (amazon affiliate link)

This book is about ponies, unicorns and special friends. It made me feel good.

Lauren is a girl about my age with short straight hair. She liked Moonshine and she discovered Twilight was a unicorn. Moonshine is a white pony .  I like unicorns but not horses  but I loved the book ever since. I recommend to read My Secret Unicorn A Special Friend (this book).





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4 thoughts on “Book Review – My Secret Unicorn A Special Friend

  1. I would read that book, Lillian, based on your review. We all need to read books that make us feel good…and, I like unicorns, too. I like to read colorful books, and it looks like it is a colorful book.

    Thank you for reviewing this book.


  2. Thanks Marilynn and did you know that my daddy’s coming, right in time for movie night (it’s at 7:00 and always ends late). Hope to see you soon. Want to come down for Christmas? And guess what Patty is coming from
    Las Vegas

  3. Lizzy enjoyed that book too. Can’t wait to hear about what you read next.

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