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This photo was taken in 2014 by Camilla.

I am the 19-year-old daughter of 50 year old Camilla Downs and a sister to 14 year old Thomas Darnell. I am a writer, a blogger, an in-progress amateur mobile photographer, and an author. I love to read a lot. If you feel the same, visit my Book Recommendations. I have some authors visit my website every once in a while. I love to read poetry too.

I have my first book called Where Would You Fly? and Other Magical Stories that came out in January 2018. If you like to see more about the book including how to buy the book, go to https://lilliandarnell.com/author/.

I’m single at the moment and I am proud to be bisexual. No bad words or pics about it please. Thanks in advance! Also, you might start seeing some lgbtq+ stories on here but I’ll still be writing other stories too.

See my Instagram pics here on this very website. I’ll be including quotes either I make up or someone famous had written soon.

You can check out the Egyptian Eye blog post. Prints of the Egyptian Eye are for sale and I use the money to help pay for attending the yearly Chromosome 18 Conference.

I love to do art a lot. Art shows up everywhere, even in nature.

Check out my Emotions with Animals blog series. The blog series is mostly for animal lovers who have emotional issues but the blog post series can be used for school work, homework, and reference.

Check out my movie reviews too. I like classic, romance, Christmas movies, and comedy movies.

My wish is to invent something to help people out. It’s also to enjoy outdoors, enjoy life, and be mindful.

Explore, take a look around! You’ll find photos, history of things you like, made stories that you might like, and perhaps some crafts too. It’s a range of things. Have fun!

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8 thoughts on “About Lillian

  1. Hi Lillian your mom was my substitute the other day and I just want to tell you are amazing and you have an amazing mom.

  2. Hey, Robin! Thank you. Go check out my brother’s blog at if you want to see Thomas’ Stories.

  3. What a cool website, Lillian! I love all the pages, especially the arts page. So colorful, each–one of the paintings!! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

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