New Year

Happy Late New Year and for those who got out of work yesterday for New Year for parents, well same thing too and for those who didn’t that’s good too and remember send good and fun and funny messages for one another, really nice if it really convinces itself  P.S. Camilla or I could put it on my blog tomorrow or I might be able to do it from phone Thomas discovered how to put all blogs Thomas’s phone and I have to ask him how Thomas did that.

Something New

Team Member C here y’all (Camilla, that is).  Lillian is abut to start something new, exciting and fun on her blog.  She will be reviewing books and movies that she is currently reading and watching.  And apps, too!!

Stay tuned!

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Dear Camilla

Me and My Mom

I love your brown hair and you’re kindness even though you work a lot; which displeases me. I do like it when Nicole or Selena come to visit us while you go to meetings and events. Your still nice then anybody in the whole wide world. You’re lips are pretty. I like your brown eyes. And I love you!



{From Mom (aka Camilla): Lillian wrote this for a spelling exercise. She had to write a letter to someone telling them why she liked them and incorporate a few of her spelling words.  I’m prejudice but I kinda like this one!!}

An Apple a Day

You can order game apps on iPhones, iPads and iPods sometimes.  And you can email on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  And you can watch videos on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  And most of all, you can use it to talk with.  And you can play games too!

{From Momma – Lillian wrote this a couple of weeks ago y’all!  I just loved it and hope you do too! Here’s the link to share with your Facebook Friends if you’d like! –Camilla}

Lila and the Twinkle Fairies

Team TLC

Once upon a time there lived Lila and the Twinkle Fairies and Lila had a pretty dress,
and the twinkle fairies had pretty shoes. But one day, they couldn’t find their pretty things.Because the mean little thieves were about last night and later that night they returned with their pretty thing and in the morning there was their pretty things and they said,”The pretty returning fairy gave it back”. The End  By: Lillian Darnell
This story was about some fairies and a butterfly named Lila and its one whole page! Get now for free! And is amazing for others to know. For more for anyone who understand me and the crew for you!

Finished in 4/11/11 for it.

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Me and My Mom

Life is so happy, it makes me cry.

And I cannot, tell a lie on April Fools.

The point is that you will have a non stop lovable brain.

And it has our choices in it.

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My Mom and Something Serious (Make Sense)

My Mom

(Silly Stuff) My mom is crazy sometimes like now and she loves me and she is so… so funny and/or fun and we could laugh when tell jokes.   You can count on me and call me (999) 123-4567 or my mom (999) 123-4567 and you can count anything at all.  (Serious Stuff) I go to school on August the 9th. (Silly Stuff) So I’d better plan a week or two on my plan for all our bosses in town and city and zip codes.