Egyptian Eye Painting For A Special Cause

I have decided to sell prints of my artwork, Egyptian Eye, to help me and my family go to the 18p- conference at Salt Lake City this July 2015. The 18p- conference means I get to see my 18p- friends, traveling, getting a lot of exercise, finding new restaurants, and exploring around the city. I want to help pay for our hotel room and gas as we get to drive this year since it’s so close. It’s in a different location every year. You can learn more about chromosome 18 differences by going here.

Around August 1, 2015, we will donate 15% of profits to Demi’s Difference. Demi is a chromosome 18 friend who passed away unexpectedly in December 2014. Her family created this wonderful nonprofit to spread kindness, love and joy to others. Here’s the Egyptian Eye:


Please note that I came up with the idea and Camilla helped me by scanning the Egyptian Eye. Camilla also suggested donating a portion to Demi’s Difference.

We will leave the price you pay up to YOU! To cover the cost of the 8 X 10 print and mailing, we suggest at least a love offering of $15 ($20 with shipping). Ultimately, it’s up to YOU!! We’ve given you NINE price options below. Just click on the arrow to choose. We’ll place an order every Friday.

You Choose Your Price!

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FrogDog Painting by Lillian Darnell

My Mom, Camilla Downs, and I have decided to begin auctioning my artwork.  These are one of a kind pieces designed and imagined by me, Lillian Darnell.   I will sign and date each piece and you will receive the original.  We will keep a copy of it for my upcoming book.  The first piece is FrogDog.

Bidding for FrogDog begins January 17, 2011 and ends Monday, January 24, 2011 at 1:00 pm PST.  The bidding starts at Twenty Dollars ($20).  Five dollars will be added for shipping and handling.  My Mom interviewed me so I could tell y’all myself about this painting.  Comment to this post with your bid amount.  We will contact the winner by end of day Monday, January 24, 2011 for payment.  We accept any major credit cards and/or PayPal.  Here’s the YouTube video –

My Mom wrote this article for me y’all! Here’s my input – I will help my mom buy clothes and buy books and food, pay for my ukulele lessons, and take a dance class, participate in Special Olympics.  Also, my Mom is trying to talk me into horse therapy. Thank y’all for your support! (Here’s an easy way to share with your Facebook Friends too!)