A Sad Princess Story

Hey, everyone! I recently wrote Emotions With Animals: Sad CatsA Happy FairyHappy DogsA Mindful Mermaid Story, and Mindful Goslings if you want to check it them out. This post is about a sad princess story. Read on to discover the story and enjoy!

Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Liana who cried a lot and almost never stopped. One day when Liana was crying, her parents who were the Queen and King thought they had to do something immediately.

So the Queen and the King thought for several days and nights. Suddenly, they had a fantastic idea and that idea was to make her laugh. So the Queen and King set out on a search to find someone or something to make her laugh out loud.

They found a funny book that would surely make her laugh. So they went home to the castle to see if their theory was right. Surprisingly, the princess laughed and laughed. At first, she was chuckling and the chuckling came bigger.

The Queen and King were relieved. She didn’t cry ever again except for joyful tears. If you listen carefully, you might be able to  hear her laughing.

Hope you enjoyed my story! Keep a look out for my next fantasy emotion story.


Emotions With Animals: Sad Cats

Hey there, everyone! Welcome back to Emotions With Animals. These posts are to help with learning purposes, animal lovers, and to help with emotions. I recently posted Mindful GoslingsA Mindful Mermaid StoryHappy Dogs, and A Happy Fairy.

Cats yowl and protects itself by wrapping his tail, crouching low, holding ears in a fearful or cautious manner, and glum whiskers.

People sometimes make noises like cats do when they’re sad. People try to protect themselves by forcing the tears into a lump in the throat. People will be silent and thinking. The people will have a sad smile, half smile, or sad face.

Here’s some tips of how not to be sad if you feel like you are sad.

It’s okay to be sad. You don’t have to be happy unless you want to get out of the sadness stage.

Find something that makes you laugh. Look at someone who’s hilarious to you, smile, read something, watch something, or draw something funny.

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I found this photo on Google Images. They're so cute!

I found this photo on Google Images. They’re so cute!