A Sad Princess Story

Hey, everyone! I recently wrote Emotions With Animals: Sad CatsA Happy FairyHappy DogsA Mindful Mermaid Story, and Mindful Goslings if you want to check it them out. This post is about a sad princess story. Read on to discover the story and enjoy!

Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Liana who cried a lot and almost never stopped. One day when Liana was crying, her parents who were the Queen and King thought they had to do something immediately.

So the Queen and the King thought for several days and nights. Suddenly, they had a fantastic idea and that idea was to make her laugh. So the Queen and King set out on a search to find someone or something to make her laugh out loud.

They found a funny book that would surely make her laugh. So they went home to the castle to see if their theory was right. Surprisingly, the princess laughed and laughed. At first, she was chuckling and the chuckling came bigger.

The Queen and King were relieved. She didn’t cry ever again except for joyful tears. If you listen carefully, you might be able to  hear her laughing.

Hope you enjoyed my story! Keep a look out for my next fantasy emotion story.


Books I Recommend: Home Sweet Home by Elizabeth Doyle Carey

Hi there, everyone! Here’s the 5th recommendation list! Enjoy!

1. Home Sweet Home by Elizabeth Doyle Carey
2. Fantasy Encyclopedia by Judy Allen
3. The Goblin Baby by Berlie Doherty
4. The Magic Key by Emily Rodda
5. Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli
6. The Peskie Spell by Emily Rodda
7. The Magic Paintbrush by Laurence Yep
8. The Charm Bracelet by Emily Rodda

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July’s Monthly Story

Fruit Fashion

One day a strawberry named Juicy Fashion was walking and said,”Perfect day for fashion”. She accidentally bumped into a blueberry named Tamed Blueberry at the moment. He said,”What a fantastic idea”. So they sent out invitations. Orange said she’d come. So did all the other fruits. All the males had to be judges, audience, and attendants while females could be in the fashion show. You’ll never guess who won the fashion show is! Did I hear you say Juicy Fashion? Well your correct! She got a large trophy and a piece of fruit cake. Everyone congratulated her!

The End