Thanksgiving Story

Hey, everyone! You are about to enter a Thanksgiving edition story. I hope you enjoy!

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young girl named Winter Rose. She lived in the country by the ocean with her family and friends.

One day, when Winter was playing one of her friends told her that Thanksgiving was coming. Winter was very puzzled and asked, “What’s Thanksgiving?”.

So all of her friends told what Thanksgiving was, it’s history, cause, and its meaning. Once her friends finished, Winter said, “Thank you. Who will I celebrate Thanksgiving with?”.

Her friends told her that Winter and her family could celebrate with them. On Thanksgiving, her friends wrote what they are grateful and thankful. Winter joined in by writing that she grateful and thankful for her family and friends.

That night before Winter left, she said, “Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!”. After Winter and her family left, Winter wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with her friends again next year. That’s the end of the story!

Emotions With Animals: Jealous Parrots

Hey, everyone! I recently wrote Angry Candy StoryEmotions With Animals: Angry DucksA Sad Princess StoryEmotions With Animals: Sad CatsA Happy FairyHappy DogsA Mindful Mermaid Story, and Mindful Goslings. Welcome back to a weekly edition of Emotions With Animals!

Jealous parrots might fan their tails and chatter loudly. The parrots might screech. The parrots might even try to scratch or bite a new animal. Occasionally, jealous parrots turn their feelings inward and start pulling out their own feathers.

Jealous people might find a way to get away from you. The jealous people might be thinking, “I wish I had that.” or “I really want that” instead of being grateful for what they have. If you aren’t careful enough, you might get jealous and pack the jealousness deep into your body and cause pain and difficulty.

How To Stop The Jealousy:

Examine Your Actions And Intentions:

Look deep inside your body and ask yourself, are you doing or saying anything that could be worsening their feelings of jealousy? Are they in a bad place in their life and have you not been attentive enough of their needs?

Telling the Truth:

Tell the person that you were jealous can make you feel a lot better. Take the time to talk about it with the person and see why they may be feeling the way they do. Don’t be surprised if their first reaction is one of denial or to say you are imagining things. Some people are not aware of how their jealousy manifests itself so let them know what you hear from them and how it makes you feel, using “I” statements like “when I hear you react this way, it makes me feel…”

Find out it they are going through a rough patch or if you managed to ignore or brush past their last success. Let them know how important your friendship is to you and see if you can both make a conscious effort to be more supportive and celebrate each others good news as if it was your own.

Letting Go: It may seem hard but you’ll feel better after. Just let go of whatever you’re jealous of.

Make a list of things that you’re grateful for: This will make you feel better.

Go observe nature in silence: Observe the birds, ducks, geese, trees, flowers, and leaves in silence.

Practice doing mindfulness daily: This is not needed for jealousy but you should do it every day.

I found this gorgeous parrot on Google Images

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Emotions With Animals! Check in next Friday to read the next edition of Emotions With Animals. Don’t forget to visit Camilla’s website!

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