Graceful Swans

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Emotions With Animals! I have recently wrote Enchanted Egyptian BeautyJealous CrayonsEmotions With Animals:: Jealous ParrotsAngry Candy StoryEmotions With Animals: Angry DucksA Sad Princess StoryEmotions With Animals: Sad CatsA Happy FairyHappy DogsA Mindful Mermaid Story, and Mindful Goslings.

Swans gracefully float across wetlands, lakes, ponds, seas. Swans are calm most of the time. Most swans gracefully fly in hibernation season in search for warm water.

Graceful people can float in pools and beaches. People can be calm sometimes. People can walk, swim, play, smile, stand, and sitting gracefully.

How To Be Graceful:

Living: Live in a place full kindness, courage, loving, conviction, non-resistant  and acceptance.

Sleep: Knowing that you’re loved, helps you to go to sleep gracefully.

Connecting With Emotions: It will make you feel graceful afterward.

Responding: Respond with love.

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Beautiful swan landing. I also got this photo from Google Images!

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