The Adventurous Pineapple Family

Hi there! Since I like pineapple, I decided to do a pineapple story. Be aware, it might make you very hungry and have a craving for pineapple.

Once upon a time, there lived a pineapple family who were always adventurous. The pineapple family explored Paprika and they visited a spice called Pepper who suggested they visit Applicious and so they did.

In Applicious, they met a fruit named Candy-Apple and she had asked if they’d visited Melon Land. The pineapple said that they hadn’t visited.

So they visited Melon Land. There they met a melon called Honey Water and she suggested Fruit Land. Apparently, they hadn’t explored Fruit Land.

In Fruit Land, they saw pineapples, apples, candy fruit, melons, and other fruit. The pineapple wanted to settle down but they wanted to check out Candy Land and Chip Land suggested by Peachy Orange.

So the pineapple family set off for Candy Land and they happened to eat candied pineapple. They met Candied Apple and her Candy Fruit friends. They headed to Chip Land next.

There they ate pineapple chips. The family met cheddar and her chip friends. The family went back to Pineapple land to pack their possessions and head back to Fruit Land. The pineapple family was still adventurous but they stayed close to Fruitland.

I hope you enjoyed my pineapple story!

Juicy Pineapple!

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