Emotions For Animals: Love as Chimpanzees

Hey, everyone! (I know this edition was a little late). Welcome back to this week’s edition of Emotions For Animals! This time, it’s Chimps (also known as Chimpanzees). I hope you enjoy!

Chimp love is almost like a person love. They kiss, embrace, hug, talk and, groom. Are you wondering how much chimps are like people? (Visit the next paragraph to find out).

People love is basically kissing, hugging, talking, kind teasing, and living together. If you’re a kid, it’s usually a bit more filtered than your parent(s). They will tuck you in, brush your hair, brush your teeth, floss your teeth, take your clothes off, reading to you, and put on clothes.

How To Feel (or Be) Loved: 

Initiate meaningful conversations: Create bonds or relationships is the first step in being deeply loved.

You can do  this with anyone at almost any time simply by asking about the other person, fully listening to what they have to say, and then finding common ground. Some people might choose to shut down but it may be worth the riskiness of feeling powerless to find people who won’t shut down.

Open up your love value: Like a heart keeps blood from flowing backward, the love value blocks the flow of energy in your given influence. Come into the moment, take the pressure off the situation, and avoid the urge to fill silences with chatter. Instead, picture the interaction as something cyclical in nature, where there’s a balance of sharing and listening, giving and receiving.

When we clear the mental clutter and allow this type of flow, we are in essence choosing to be love.

Change your beliefs about the world and love:

If you tell yourself that people don’t care, you’ll put that energy into the world and then easily find evidence to back it up. If you tell yourself you’ll never experience love, you’ll create mental barriers and then subconsciously repel it. Tell yourself a different story from this paragraph: There’s a lot of love in the world, there’s plenty to go around, you deserve it, and it’s coming to you every day.

Love Yourself: Don’t say judgemental things or say bad things about yourself.

Chimp love!

I hope you enjoyed! Tune in this week for the next Emotions With Animals blog post. Also don’t forget to check out Camilla’s blog for more love themed blog posts.

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