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Once upon a time, there lived a planet named Blue Moon who had always wanted to be graceful but her parental planets didn’t agree yet. She needed proof to prove she wanted to be graceful but she didn’t know yet.

She went to Wild Fruit planet who was very wise. Wild told her to be patient. So she was patient but one day the idea goes into her circular head. She set out to find a graceful planetary animal who would be given to her parental planets as proof.

Finally after looking several planetary nights and days, she found a planet animal called Nebula Sparkles. The animal was incredibly graceful and she asked the animal if she wanted to go back with her to Planetary Moon Sky.

The animal said, “Yes, you may take me back to Moon Sky”. When they arrived, she was greeted and she gave them the animal.  Blue Moon explained that she got the animal for her proof that she was graceful.

Her parental planets talked it over. They finally agreed that she could be graceful. So now whenever you see the Blue Moon, just remember this legend and you may see her parental planets in the distance.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

Awesome Blue Moon

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