Emotions With Animals: Mischievous Pelicans

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Mischievous pelicans eat fish with their beak and their see-through pouch open. Pelicans will look silly mischievous.

Mischievous people giggle nervously. If you ask someone,”Are you hiding something?” and they might reply no to you. Be careful not to get mischievous yourself!

How To Not Be Mischievous:

Channel Mischief: Channel your mischief into curiosity for things.

Transform: Transform your mischief into a learning experience to keep from doing something dangerous or get you in trouble.

Connecting: Connect with the feeling that comes with mischievous. After you finish connecting with it, go for a walk in nature or anything that will channel the mischief to something (see Channel Mischief for more).

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Pelicans In Flight

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