The Annual Chromosome 18 Conference 2019: Part 8

Hey, everyone! I just got back to Colorado Springs from the conference on July 27th. This blog post is a summary of what I did at the annual Chromosome 18p- conference this year. In case you are wondering, these are Thomas’s, Camilla’s, mine, and Chromosome 18’s website.

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July 25th: 

I woke up around 7:00 am but fell back to sleep until 10:00 am. I was half asleep when I heard Thomas and Camilla. I overheard Thomas asking a question and Camilla answering the question.

I took about 24 minutes to eat some breakfast then I messaged Macy (Macy, I’m glad I was still able to hang out with you while I was sick. See you next year!) around 10:24 am.

Then I messaged Patty about sandals. Shortly after that, I received a message from Lauren (I had a fun time with you although I was sick. See you next year!) asking if I wanted her to come up to say bye to me.

I got ready for Patty to pick me up and around 1:21 pm Macy messaged me saying she was at the airport. Right around 1:32 pm, she messaged me saying they were in line to board.

Right at 12:51 pm, Macy (thanks, Macy for keeping me updated when I didn’t have my laptop; left it in the hotel room that day) let me know she’d be flying soon. I looked at Facebook while waiting for Patty.

Right around 1:30, I was in Patty and Frank’s car when Macy let me know that they were in the air. Then Lauren told me at 2:57 pm that she’d be on the airplane soon and asked what I was doing.

At the time I was at a fast food place called Outback with Debbie, Patty, and Frank. And at 3:00pm, I let Lauren know when we leave for Reno.

Macy messaged us again and Lauren updated us saying she was on the airplane. Macy asked Lauren what airline she was flying. Then Macy let me know that they had about an hour before they landed.

During that time, we were going into stores and Trader Joe’s. And Lauren let us know that she had 2 hours before they landed. Lauren then asked us how we were doing. Then Macy let us know that they were landing soon.

Then Macy told us her airplane had landed.  During all this, I headed back to the Colorado Springs Marriott. And Macy let me know she was on her way back to her home.

About 42 minutes later, she was at her home. After I ate a small dinner, packed, and went swimming. Later, Lauren updated us and said she was on her way to her home. And asked what time it was for us girls.

I then got stressed about a piece of clothing. After, I felt delirious and tired. I then went to get ready for bed. Stayed up until my eyes wouldn’t stay open then I got up and got ready for bed then I fell asleep.

Selfie of me sent to Macy.

Selfie of me.

What’s your favorite shop or store? I would love to hear your answers in the comments if it feels right.

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My Dream Story

Hey, everyone! On the night of September 1st, I had this crazy and interesting dream. The dream is fictionalized. The main characters are based on me, Macy Miller (a close 18p- friend of mine), Camilla Downs (my mother), and Caitlin Fuetsch (a  local friend of mine).  Here are some related stories:, and Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Once many years ago, Anne was playfully jumping on some stepping stones designed to look like flowers. Many years past and Anne was now sleeping peacefully and was dreaming. Meanwhile, there was a hidden dream cam in her brain recording her dream.

Anne’s dream got posted online by mistake. So the very next day Anne decided to show the dream. Anne said, “Are you ready to watch my recording of a dream?” and the audience responded, “Yes!”.

Anne said, “Ok. 1…2…3!!! Enjoy!”. Anne settled down to watch with them. Anne saw herself on a floor at a school laying on her pillow. Her friend, Macy Helens was sitting cross-legged next to her as they listened to announcements.

Charity said, “I told you the pillow moved around”. So Anne shifted the pillow she was laying on. After the announcements, Anne had 1 class about art while Macy Helens had 3 classes that consisted of nature, summer, and space as well.

After Anne’s class ended, Anne walked by Macy’s classroom and Macy invited me to join her. Anne said, “Yes. Thank you!”. When Anne went into the classroom and it had been a while, Kaitlin Rose came in with Macy’s teacher, Annabelle and Anne’s face expressed surprise and shock due to seeing Kaitlin for the first time in years but Anne remained calm.

Anne got up to turn on the lights and to end the dream for them. Anne said,” That’s when I woke up.” to the audience. After Anne said her sentence, the audience clapped, whistled, threw roses, and some even shouted things like, “Well done!” and “Great job!”.

Afterward, Anne went into her home to eat some popsicles. And all was well in Anne’s home. Anyway, that’s the end of this fictionalized dream!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms