People To Thank For The Conference

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I’d like to thank Justin Hope Foundation, Robert Downs, Nevada Government’s Council On Development Disabilities, Patty Romano, and Frank Romano.


My favorite part of the conference was hanging out with my friends in the pool and anywhere else in the hotel. The feeling felt great, excited, and good!


In The Good Ole SummerTime (Lillian’s Version)

Hi y’all, remember this song?

Lyrics to The Good Ole Summer Time (Lillian’s Version)


In the good ole summer time
In the good ole summer time

(Repeat Chorus x1)

We used to eat summer food
We used to eat summer food
Go to bed early
Go to bed early

Repeat Chorus x2

Go to bed early in the good ole summertime.
Go to bed early in the good ole summertime.


New! Monthly Stories

Hi y’all! For For all story-lovers even authors that I know are welcome to join! This just might be inspiration for many authors out there!

Every month, I’ll give out a story including July! You can pick a genre you want me to write if you want to they’ll be right here as a poll!

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But for now I’ll  do one for this month. By the way, type your answer of what you’ve selected for the stories in the comment box!



Here are some crossword websites you’ll enjoy!”></script> - Here’s more crosswords! If you want them click web gadget and go from there! - Same thing1


An Interview with Mike Alger!

This is an interview with a meteorologist named Mike Alger, Chief Meteorologist, with KTVN Channel 2 News in Reno, NV. I’m interested in weather and for our 4th quarter project we had to do an interview. I chose to do this topic because it’s a topic of interest to me.

Lillian: What Weather Tools do you use?

Mike AIger: I use a lot of weather tools. Some of them are satellites which take pictures of the weather systems as they come in. I use a lot of weather stations all around the country to track the weather as it comes in. I use radar imagery, which can show me where it’s raining, and give me an idea of the winds. And I use people’s eyeballs… which is a funny way of saying I get eyewitness reports from weather watchers around the region, which also helps to track the weather. But probably the most important tools I use are computer models, which take data from weather balloons and they build 3-dimensional models of the atmosphere, and can predict what will happen in the future.

Lillian: How do you track the sun?

Mike AIger: I really don’t track the sun. The sun crosses our sky in a very predictable manner, so just by knowing the time and date, there’s always a way of knowing where the sun is.

Lillian: How do you track the moon?

Mike Alger: It’s the same with the moon. It also orbits the earth in a very predictable fashion.

Lillian: How do you predict the weather?

Mike Alger:  I’ll refer you back to your first question. Using all the tools I talked about, especially the computer models, I am able to determine where and when the atmosphere will be right for making it rainy or sunny.

Lillian: Why does lightning strike trees?

Mike Alger: Lightning is a very strong discharge of electricity, and electricity is essentially lazy. It wants to go to the ground by the easiest pathway possible. Trees conduct electricity better than air does, so hitting a tree makes a shorter pathway to the ground.

Lillian: Did you ever have interest in weather?

Mike Alger: I’ve always had an interest in science, and weather is a science. So in that manner, I’ve always had an interest in weather.

 Lillian: Why does the hail make a strange noise?

Mike Alger: Hail is made of balls of ice, so when it falls from the sky, it makes a louder sound than rain or snow. It’s similar to if you dropped small rocks on your roof from way up high.

Lillian: When did you decide to be a meteorologist?

Mike Alger: I decided to become a meteorologist when I was in my late 20s. I was a geologist before that.

Lillian: Why does a thunderstorm sometimes shut off electronics?

Mike Alger: Since thunderstorms have lightning, and lightning is made up of huge amounts of electricity, whenever a lightning bolt hits a power line, it can overload the system and cause circuit breakers to shut off the power.

Lillian: Why aren’t there any tornadoes in Reno, NV?

Mike Alger: There are two main reasons: First, we don’t typically get the super-cell thunderstorms needed for classic tornado development, mainly because our air isn’t wet enough. Second, all the mountains around us disrupt the flow and creates turbulence which breaks up the spinning motion before the tornado can fully form.



Reading Game

This game is so fun. It perhaps might even help you get ready for an event and more!


Circulation (also known as rotation) Reading Game

What you’ll need is:
Books (optional)

How To Play:

  1. You’ll choose a room to read in.
  2. Then repeat step number 1. (This is where the rotation comes in).
  3. While you’re in a room if you need to, grab any materials or supplies you might need.
Enjoy the game!

St. Patrick’s Day aka (st. Patty)

This was from March 19, 2014. You’ll just love similes after this one!

Leprechauns are green as a shamrock. Leprechauns are quiet as a mouse. Leprechauns are sneaky as seagull. Leprechauns are grumpy as bears. Leprechauns are Irish as a shamrock.


ABC’s of Food

Hi there, blog viewers! If you’re looking for a “abc’s acrostic” poem then you’ll know this is the poem for you!

A – Awesome Apple 

B -  Batty Bananas

C – Crazy Carrots

D – Delicious Donut

E – Eager Eggs

F - Freaky Fries

G - Good Ginger

H - Hyper hash browns

I - Icy Ice Cream

J – Jumpy Jello 

K – Kooky Kiwi

L – Loopy Lollipop 

M – Merry Mango

N - Nutty Nectarines 

O – Outstanding Olives

P – Perky Pear

Q – Quirky Quinoa

R – Red Radish

S - Snoopy Strawberry

T - Tricky Taco

U – Useful Ugli 

V – Violet Vegetables

W – Working Waffles

X – xeric xacutti 

Y – Yellow Yams

Z – Zany Zucchini