Annual Chromosome 18 Conference 2018 Part 5

Hey, everyone! I just got back from a trip to Baltimore for the annual Chromosome 18 conference. This blog post is a summary of what I did at the Chromosome 18p- conference this year. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. In case you’re wondering, the links are Thomas’, Camilla’s, and Chromosome 18’s website.

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July 3rd: 

I woke up at 8:25 am. Again Camilla called room service so she could order breakfast shortly after I woke up. At 9:23 am, Macy was outside my hotel room. Anyway, I let her in and I had already started getting ready to go down to the 5th floor.

So I finished getting ready quickly. Instead of going to the 5th floor though, we explored the hotel floors again. Eventually, Macy and I went into her hotel room and we hung out in her room there.

We sang a couple of songs from Youtube (luckily my throat wasn’t dry) before deciding to go down to the 5th floor. At 11:30 am, I went with Macy and Katie to listen to the pre-self-advocate panel in a certain room.

The pre-self-advocate-advocate panel was finished at 11:45 am for lunch. Macy’s parents weren’t out of a session yet so she asked if she could sit with me for lunch. I was perfectly fine with that.

I ate most of my lunch while waiting for Macy to get her water. I ate my dessert while waiting for Macy to get her dessert. After we both finished eating lunch, we went back up to Macy’s hotel room for a few minutes before heading back down to the 5th floor.

Macy and I hung out with Katie, Kaylyn Earl (an 18p- friend), Rebecca, Irene Mckay (an 18p- friend I’ve known), and Remy before my friends had to go to the certain room. Also, Macy and I got our photo taken as well. At 2:15 pm, Macy came out to take a break and I hung out before Macy and Rebecca had to go back to the certain room.

I went up to the room again until 3:00 pm when I went back down to the 5th floor. At 3:10 pm, Macy came out and we hung around the 5th-floor talking and giggling (or laughing, whichever you want to call it).

At 5:00 pm, I went down to the lobby with Macy to see Macy off for Self Advocate Dinner (didn’t go since it wasn’t my type of food). At 7:28 pm, Macy messaged me through Facebook Messenger saying she was on the 5th floor.

So I headed back down to the 5th floor right away. After that, we went up to my hotel room to hang out and talk until 9:50 pm. I decided to go down with her to right outside her hotel room and then I went up alone thinking and daydreaming (at night while awake).

Then I got ready for bed and went to sleep late that night wondering what would happen tomorrow. I was excited that the next day was the 4th of July. I went to sleep happy but tired.

Me and My friends

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My Adventure To Surprise Part 12

Hey, everyone! I went to Surprise, AZ for the end of May/beginning of June with my grandparents (also known as The Romano Duo). I would just like to share my adventure with you. By the way, some of the times aren’t accurate. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

June 9th, 2018: 

I woke up at 5:30 am (surprisingly) but laid there until 6:30 am. When I got up, I went directly to the restroom. Once I came out, I went into the bedroom to put on my clothes.

After I got dressed, I went to eat breakfast and eat my candy. Then I sat down and relaxed until 9:30 am when I was getting anxious. Around 10:00 am, we stopped so Patty and Frank could have their adult beverage.

Anyway, by 11:00 am we were on our way to Kingman. As usual at 12:15 pm, got some french fries in Burger In-N-Out but fortunately didn’t need to go to the bathroom. We were back on the road and we took in views and I talked to Rebecca through text.

We arrived at Beatty at 4:00 pm. We pulled into the Motel 6 parking lot and we got most of the stuff we needed for the night out of the car. By the way, Robert came too but anyway, we went to Denny’s across the parking lot in the heat.

When we were done, we went to the store that has candy, food, and more. We went through the back door to get to Motel 6 (the hotel we stayed at). Anyway, I finished eating dinner and jellybeans. After, I got ready for bed and stayed up. I fell asleep at 11:30 pm.

Selfie of me before going to bed

Selfie of me in the car

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