Q&A with Melody the Dog

Hi there! You’re about to enter a funny Q&A.

Annie: Hey there! Are you ready to do some digging?

Melody: Hey! Yes, I’m ready to start digging.

Annie: Great! Do you have pups?

Melody: Yes, I have 10 puppies. Thanks for asking that question!

Annie: Your welcome! What are the puppies’ names?

Melody: Buster, Digger, Finder, Seeker, Princess, Emily, Bubbles, Peaches, Lily, and Stefanie are the names of the puppies. Do you have puppies?

Annie: I’m human and I have children. Who are you married to?

Melody: I’m married to King the 2nd. Are you married also?

Annie: Yes, I’m married. What’s your life like being a dog?

Melody: We dig, find things, seek stuff, and bust things but we have a certain time for everything. Do you have a certain time for everything?

Annie: Yes, I do. What is your schedule?

Melody: My schedule is to wake up at 5:00am, get some food for breakfast, wake up the kids, have fun, lunch, have more fun, dinner, and go to bed. Do you have any other questions?

Annie: Wow! Yes, I do.

Melody: OK. I am willing to answer your questions.

Annie: I’m excited for Halloween! Are you excited?

Melody: Yes. Do you think we should wrap up our conversation?

Annie: Yes, I think we should. Farewell, it was nice talking to you.

Melody: OK, it was a nice pleasure to meet you. See you soon, Annie.

Annie and Melody: This is the end of the Q&A!


Cute Dog!

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