Annual Chromosome 18 Conference 2018 Part 4

Hey, everyone! I just got back from a trip to Baltimore for the annual Chromosome 18 conference. This blog post is a summary of what I did at the Chromosome 18p- conference this year. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. In case you’re wondering, the links are Thomas’, Camilla’s, and Chromosome 18’s website.

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July 2nd: 

I woke up at 8:35 am. In just over a minute, Macy came up with Camilla. So I finished eating breakfast, put on clothes, and put the stuff back in my bag. The final thing I did was put on the name tag.

Macy asked if I wanted to explore the hallways of almost every floor of the hotel. Unfortunately, we ran out of time because Macy needed to be in a certain room at 11:00 am.

So we headed back to the 5th floor so Macy could go to the public restrooms around 10:50 am. Once Macy was in the certain room, I sat down for a minute before heading back up to the room. I came right back down at 11:10 am and we continued to explore the hallways where we left off.

At 11:30 am, we went back to the 5th floor. Once Macy was back in that certain room, I sat for about 5 minutes before going back up again. It wasn’t until 11:50 am that I went back down again.

At 11:30 am, I got stuck in line for lunch but managed to get out of line once Camilla got there. I wanted to sit with Macy but I couldn’t find her so I got out of the sunny area so I could not overheat. During that time, I Facebook Messaged Macy to see if she had finished eating.

Apparently, she was just finishing eating her cookie. So I waited and by 1:00 pm Macy found me with Camilla. So we decided to go up to both Macy’s hotel room and my hotel room.

Eventually, we went back to the 5th floor again. At 1:30 pm, Macy went back to the certain room. So I went up to the room again, I kept coming down though. At 3:00 pm, Macy snuck out of the certain room because it was too loud so we continued exploring the hotel floors.

At 3:30 pm, Macy went back to a certain room and I stayed down there until Macy came out at 3:45 pm and explored a floor until 4:15 pm when we went down to the lobby.

I had enough time to get my sunglasses and go back down to the lobby. So then I waited with other friends beside Macy. At 5:00 pm, we walked over to the Cheesecake Factory as a group.

Once the leader of this group announced we should be split into 9 groups. Macy and I offered to be in the nicest group.  The only thing was all of us didn’t want to wait. So we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop (don’t really care for the place) to wait. We walked back at 6; 00 pm and sat in 6 booths.

So we ordered dinner and I ordered apple juice, water, and french fries with some help from my friends. Some of my friends ordered dessert but I didn’t since I was full. Anyway, one of my friends helped with the math.

Once we got back, we all went up to our rooms so we could put our leftovers away. So once I went up to the room, I texted Camilla to see where she was. She said she was at the pool with Thomas.

So I went down to the pool to talk to Camilla. Anyway, I checked with Macy to see if she would go swimming. She was thinking about going swimming. She said she was getting her swimsuit on so I went up to the room to get mine on.

I came straight back down to go to the pool. I got in but it was too cold for me and for Macy it was too loud. I also tried the jacuzzi but the jacuzzi was too hot. So Macy went to bed and I went down to the lobby to see if there was any action happening down there.

I also stopped by the 5th floor to see if anyone was down there but there wasn’t so I went back up. I took a bath and got ready for bed. I went to sleep at 1:00 am exactly.

Cheesecake Factory. Borrowed from Google Images

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