My Adventure To Surprise Part 5

Hey, everyone! I went to Surprise, AZ for the end of May/beginning of June with my grandparents (also known as The Romano Duo). I would just like to share my adventure with you. By the way, some of the times aren’t accurate. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

May 30th, 2018: 

I woke up early as planned. After I ate breakfast, I tried on the swimsuit and other clothing. Then, we got ready to go to Wal-Mart to look at clothing. We also winded up finding a huge blue ball that we took with us. We were back at 1:00 pm so it gave me enough time to eat lunch and rest a little afterward.

When Katie arrived, I had Frank open the door and let her in. After Katie’s mother left, I quickly grabbed my swimsuit from the bedroom and quickly went into the restroom to change.

After I came out, I went back to the bedroom and got my sunglasses. I took a glance at what Katie gave me before I took the shea butter and slathered it on the back of the legs.

Once I got on the first step of the pool, Patty helped me down one more time. Frank helped me down to the last step before the pool floor.

When I was ready, Katie offered her hand to help me down to the last step and it was unexpectedly a little deep but Frank asked if I wanted a pool noodle and I said Yes.

We insisted that Frank get in the water too so he did.  Anyway, I went swimming with a pool noodle up under me. After 2 hours we got out and air dried. We got dressed in different rooms.

After Katie and I changed back into clothing, we went to the room I was staying in while I was visiting and played 1 round of UNO™ with the UNO deck of cards that she brought.

Afterward, Katie and I watched Youtube videos together. Although, at one point she played a bowling game. Anyway at 5:00 pm, Katie left but not before having Patty taking a picture of us.

After Katie left, I waited for dinner to be ready by playing games on my phones. After dinner, I just messaged Camilla Downs about the fun time I had with Katie.

Around 9:34 pm, I took a picture of what Katie gave me. After that, I went to go do my schedule and got into bed around 10:00 pm but didn’t go to sleep until early in the morning the next day.

Me With Katie. Thanks to Patty for taking this photo!

Me in my swimsuit.

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