Fundraising for the 2018 Chromosome 18 Family Conference – Rainbow Balloon

Hey, everyone! Remember in previous years when I sold prints or copies of my art? I have interesting news!

I’ve decided to sell prints or copies of Rainbow Balloon to fundraise and help my family attend the annual Chromosome 18 conference. The print will be about an 8 X 10 size and mounted on foam board or similar ready to hang.

The Chromosome 18 conference helps me get over my fears and my emotions. It helps me feel brave, courageous, and enjoyable. Here’s an example: Last year in July when my family and I were inside the airport, I was fearful, nervous, tired, and afraid; yet, the view I got from the airplane was amazing and it was all worth it.

The really fun part is that YOU get to choose your own price! The base price is $15 – $25 to cover cost of printing, mounting, and shipping (US Only – Our overseas friends can email my mom at Camilla Downs @ if you’re interested in purchasing a print).

Use this Paypal link and enter your own amount over the $25 base price. For example, if you want to donate $50 towards my fundraiser, then you would enter $75. Go here.

OR …. If you simply want a photo quality print (minus the mounting), the base price is $15 to cover cost of printing and shipping. For example, if you wish to donate $25 to my fundraiser, then you would enter $40. Use this Paypal link. (Please note whether you want “Just the Print” or “Mounted Print” and the Name of the print you are buying)

The Chromosome 18 conference means a lot to me because I get to meet new friends and spend time with old friends. It also means a lot to me because I get to travel to a new city with my family.

I want to check out the swimming pool and have fun with new and old friends. I also want to explore the city if the weather and temperature are good. I also want to check out new restaurants.

Please visit this link to see a summary of all the drawings being offered. Thank you!

Here’s a story inspired by Rainbow Balloon:

Once many years ago, there lived a smart unicorn who longed to travel the world. The unicorn was named Rainbow. So one day, Rainbow found some harmless fire and Rainbow found some rainbow paint, rope, a small piece of metal, a basket, and plastic.

Rainbow also managed to find a picture of what Rainbow wanted to build. So Rainbow set to work on making the thing in the picture. First, Rainbow used the plastic since she already had a mold to work with.

Second, Rainbow used the rainbow paint to make the thing look outstanding. Third, Rainbow used the rope to connect the basket to the first part of the thing. Last, Rainbow attached the brake (metal) and fuel (fire).

Now Rainbow needed a name for the thing. “Why not just name it after me?”, thought Rainbow. So she figured to call her project Rainbow Balloon. So Rainbow traveled all over the world at last.

So if you see Rainbow the unicorn and her balloon, wave and she just might wave back with her hoof.

Here’s a story inspired by how I feel about attending the Chromosome 18 Conference:

Once many years, a little girl named Rainbow loved traveling to new places. One day, Rainbow decided to write a story. “Hello! My name is Rainbow. My family and I have been going to a conference called Party Dancers for many years”, wrote Rainbow.

One day at the Party Dancers, she faced many fears in just 1 day. Rainbow was very determined to conquer more fears. A couple of years later at the Party Dancers, Rainbow met a friend she connected with through Bookworm the previous year and had so much fun. Rainbow knew many friends and people that year.

Rainbow even tried to get in the cold pool. This year, Rainbow was pumped to go to the Party Dancers again since she found out most of her friends would be at the Party Dancers. Rainbow traveled to Sugary Land for the Party Dancers.

Again, Rainbow met the same friend again and chatted and had fun. Now, Rainbow was pumped to go to the next Party Dancers conference. Rainbow finished her story and sent it off to the publisher.

The publisher was very impressed. Many years past and Rainbow’s story was now a best seller book.

That’s the end of the 2nd story.