Ball Kick Game

Ball Kick Game

The point of the whole game is to see how many bounces you can do before the ball rolls away. Beat your record!

What you’ll need:

A Medium Playground Ball
A Safe Outdoor Area
A kneecap
A hand
A Stopwatch
1 or more player(s)

How You Play:

1. Hold your ball in your hand.
2. Set the stopwatch.
3. Bounce the ball once.
4. Quickly put your knee cap below the ball.
5. Put your knee down.
6. Put your hands in front of you to catch the ball.

7. Repeat steps #2, #3, #4, and #5!

Compare who got the highest time if doing it with more people.

The reward is up to you! You don’t have to have a reward.

Here are some ideas for the reward:

Ice Cream
Have a day off

That’s all the ideas!