Annual Chromosome 18 Conference Part 3

Hey, everyone! I just got back from a trip to Baltimore for the annual Chromosome 18 conference. This blog post is a summary of what I did at the Chromosome 18p- conference this year. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. In case you’re wondering, the links are Thomas’, Camilla’s, and Chromosome 18’s website.

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July 1st: 

I woke up at 8:30 am but again I took my time getting up and get ready to go down to the lobby. Camilla was in the room getting ready to call room service to order breakfast when I woke up.

It wasn’t until 9:00 am that I went down to the lobby. I went up and down a lot in the elevator.

At 9:50 am, I saw Rebecca walk in. My grandmother Patty started doing a Facebook Video Chat with me so that Rebecca met Patty virtually since my grandparents are considering going to the conference next year.

Shortly after that, I went up to go to the restroom. I went up at 12:15 pm to grab a fruit bar to hold my stomach in. Anyway, I grabbed a sip of water and made it back down at 12:30 pm. At 12:30 pm, I was chatting with Macy through Facebook Messenger.

At 1:00 pm, Thomas and Camilla came back from outside bringing french fries from Dick’s (a restaurant) with them. That was my lunch. At 1:30 pm, I went back up. At 2:30 pm, I went up to the 5th floor to get my name tag and I hung out there. Before I went to get my name tag, I ran into Katie.

I was actually up in the room fixing my bag when I got a Facebook message on Facebook Messenger from Macy saying that they were at the hotel. So I finished doing what I was doing and let Macy know that I was heading down.

I ran as fast as my legs could take me to the elevators. Unfortunately, the elevator had a couple of people getting on slowing it down a bit but luckily they were all getting off at the 5th floor (they were part of the conference too).

Once I got down to the lobby, I calmly walked over to the spot I sat in that morning and let Macy know I was there. She turned around and saw me. She walked over and talked to me. Shortly after that, Macy went to the elevator area with her family.

The elevator was slow coming down so I was able to sneak into the elevator with them. It was a little squished in there but we thought that was funny (I normally wouldn’t like that).

After I went up to the room to rest, I headed back down to the 5th floor knowing that Macy would be down there soon. She Facebook Messaged me asking where I was. Anyway, I got down there and saw Macy standing at the entrance of the registry’s chosen room to get name tags.

I stood next to her while Macy waited for her parents. I was able to choose 2 spots where I could watch her move along. Eventually, she came over to talk to me again. I showed her where the public restrooms were. I decided to come along to see what the bathroom was like.

Anyway, I patiently waited for Macy to be done. After Macy and her family decided to go up the elevator and once again I was able to get on the same elevator as them. So I started to eat some leftover french fries for dinner when Macy Facebook Messaged me.

Macy was asking if our family wanted to go out to eat with their family. I wasn’t sure so I asked Macy what restaurant they were going to. Macy said Blaze Pizza in Facebook Messenger.

I looked it up to see how far away it was from the hotel. I figured it would be okay to go I asked where we needed to meet up at through Facebook Messenger. So, we got ready and went down to the lobby to meet up with them.

So we walked to the restaurant together. We ordered first while Macy and her family ordered last. Since there was a long booth, I decided to sit there and there was enough space for us to sit together.

Anyway, we left at 7;00 pm with Macy. We went up together to go to our hotel rooms. Once I put away my sunglasses, I went down to the social and met up with Macy there. After some time, Macy and I got bored so we went up the elevators to show each other where our rooms were.

Shortly after heading back down with Macy, we chatted with new friends and old friends until 10:30 pm when we were both so exhausted that we all went up to our hotel rooms for the night. Again I tried to go to sleep early but I winded up going to sleep at 1:00 am again. That night I went to sleep feeling blessed, relaxed, and relieved from stress and pain.

Macy and me.   Borrowed from Camilla

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