The Annual Chromosome 18 Conference 2019: Part 3

Hey, everyone! I just got back to Colorado Springs from the conference on July 27th. This blog post is a summary of what I did at the annual Chromosome 18p- conference this year. In case you are wondering, these are Thomas’s, Camilla’s, mine, and Chromosome 18’s website.

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July 20th: 

I woke up around 10:30 am feeling happy, excited, and relaxed. Camilla was making coffee using a noisy coffee maker the hotel had which woke me up accidentally. I didn’t mind though because I was very excited.

Shortly after that, I messaged Macy for a little bit. Of course, Macy messaged me first. We messaged each other for about an hour. I got upset over food, time & taking a shower while  Camilla and Thomas were getting ready to go out to a vegan restaurant around 11:00 am.

It took me about an hour to calm me down. Then I slowly started to eat but I got distracted and soon Camilla and Thomas were back in the hotel room. I took my shower and felt very proud of myself for taking a shower.

Camilla went back down to the lobby to eat her lunch and I asked her to take my lunch down to the lobby for me. So she did. I dried off until I was dry minus my hair. I got dressed and got my bag ready to head down.

After I did that, I went the wrong direction accidentally and I had to turn back. So once I found the elevator room, I hit the down button. Once inside the elevator, I pressed the “L” for the lobby. I was down very quickly.

There I saw Katie and her mother. She actually wondered when I would come down. After that, they went to check on their hotel room. I proceeded to sit down in the lobby to eat.

One of Camilla’s friends asked if I went swimming and Camilla said that I had just gotten out of the shower which was true. After she was done talking to Camilla, another one of Camilla’s friends (also a former DJ) with his wife came by to talk to us and so his wife could meet us for the first time.

I messaged Macy while the former DJ talked to Camilla. Of course, at one point, he noticed I was messaging someone and asked who I was texting. I told him, Macy and he said of course.

After he and his wife were done talking to us, I finished eating lunch then I went up to the hotel room so I could grab my sunglasses. Then I headed back down to the lobby so I could check out the outdoor pool and patio. Camilla went out with me the second time.

She headed inside the pool to talk to some of her friends. I went up to the pool to set down my water and bag but not my phone. During that time, thunder was rumbling. I said,” Don’t you dare rumble at me! Is that right?” at the thunder.

I immediately sent a message to Patty and Frank and took a selfie with the dark cloud. The lightning kept getting closer. When I left my room key in the room, I went up to grab it but I got caught in a downpour. So I took a shower outside kinda sort of.

I also took pictures of some flowers too during the rain being careful not to get my phone and book too wet. I saw a friend of mine in the lobby and she asked me if I was excited for Macy to come tomorrow. And I told her that I was with a smile.

Once I got up to the room, I got the room key and I watched the rain and wind for a minute before going back down.

Around 4:00 pm, I headed back up to the room and once I got up there. It started hailing outside. The thunder was nearly ear-deafening and the lightning was almost eye-blinding.

During that time, I attempted to Facebook Video Chat Patty and Frank (aka the Romano Duo) to try and show them the room. Of course, the wifi wasn’t cooperating right, the hail and the thunder made it difficult to show them.

I still managed to show them the room anyway. I messaged Macy to tell her two knock-knock joke.

After that and the storm calmed down, I went down to the lobby to see if anyone I knew was there around 4:30 pm. I checked my Facebook on my laptop.

Then I headed back up again until 6:30 pm. At 6:30 pm, we went down to the lobby to meet up with some of Camilla’s friends for a barbeque at one of Camilla friends’ mother in law’s house.

We got there and Thomas’s friends were there at the barbeque. Of course, I was a little bored with none of my friends there but I managed to still have a good time. We even saw a deer on the way back from the barbeque and it was standing still as there was a dog getting ready to chase it.

By the time, we came back to the lobby we were all tired.

Of course, I needed to find the restroom in the lobby. I actually had to ask Camilla to show me where it was.  After I was done, I went back to the lobby where Camilla was talking to her friends. It was about 2 hours that Camilla got done talking.

I got ready for bed and again I stayed up until my eyes couldn’t stay awake anymore. I messaged Macy before she went to sleep too. I went to sleep very excited about Sunday.


Selfie of me. Taken by me!


A selfie. Taken by me!

Flowers behind the hotel. Taken by me!

Flowers behind the hotel. Taken by me!

Rose Meadowsweet behind the hotel. Taken by me!

Roses in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Roses in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Roses in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Silverweed in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Roses in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Lilies in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Lilies in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Lilies in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Rose Meadowsweet in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

Flower in the back of the hotel. Taken by me!

What’s your favorite flower? I would love to hear your answers if it feels right to you.

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  1. Hey, Camilla! That’s awesome. My favorite flower is a rose or lavender! 🙂 🙂

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