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Hi there! Sorry I haven’t written any posts since last month but the most recent one I did was Sky In Reno, NV 2/20/14 . Starting today I’ll start sharing my poems to you. What I was inspired by was myself wanted spring so I had decided to start a poem collection. I only do it in March and the night I started was March 3, 2013. The poems will be back every spring and even new edition ones perhaps. Just maybe you could have one of your own. Just let your brain take you into what you want to write or type.


Check back every day if there’s not one available come back later.


Here’s where to find the poems.

Click on Poems and Songs from the Category area.

Then you’ll see songs and old poems in there.

That’s where the poems will be.

If you have any comments do it in the Comment area.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Check out my mother’s blog, my brother’s blog, and our Team TLC blog also.

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