Fairy Shadows

Hey, everyone! You are about to read another part of the Fairyland series. I hope you enjoy!

Once, there was a girl who dreamed of shadows in Fairyland. Her name was Lilliana. She was curious why the shadows were orange, pink, and many other colors. In Fairyland, the shadows were very pretty and very stylish.

One day, she decided to live in Fairyland. So she packed everything she thought was necessary. After she was done packing, she headed to Fairyland.

When she arrived, she began observing the colorful shadows. After a while, she went to ask the Shadow fairy why the shadows were colored. The Shadow fairy said,”I was experimenting with shadows. Everyone seemed to like the colorful shadows. So I left it that way.”

Lilliana said, “That’s amazing. Do you mind if I live in Fairyland?”Absolutely!” said the Shadow fairy. So Lilliana thanked the Shadow fairy and went on her way.

Lilliana met a fairy named Samantha and they became the best of friends. Samantha actucally referred Lilliana to Amal and Jessica. Lilliana said,”It’s nice to meet you, Jessica & Amal.”

Jessica and Samantha visited Lilliana a lot after that day. When Lilliana got to her preferred age, she started wanting Amal to visit with Lilliana. At first, she wanted Amal to come with Jessica and Samantha.

But after a while, Lilliana wanted Amal to come alone. As they visited more frequently, their friendship blossomed into love. One day, they went to the Fairyland telescope so Lilliana could see her home on earth. 

Lilliana was surprised at how much the place changed. Lilliana yearned to go back. So Lilliana became the Sun Fairy and Lilliana could visit the Earth when she wished to. 

Amal asked, “Will you marry me?”Of course, she said Yes. So they got engaged. After a year, they planned a wedding. On June 21, they got married.

From this day forward, you can see them flying happily across the sky. Amal is the sky fairy. Sarah and Jessica worked as a spring and summer fairy. 

The End! 

I hope you enjoyed the story!


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