Snowy’s Birthday

Happy Birthday! Who wants To come:

Halo 1

When you sleep, I’m here

Don’t be afraid, I am near

Watching over you with lots of love

Your guardian angel from up above!

Halo 2

Little angel up above

Guard me with your special love

Make sure that you will always be

By my side and close to me!


Castles rise from misty glens

Shielding bonds of warrior men

Wearing tartan of their clan

Red, green, and a little tan!

Ty 2K

Red, yellow, green, and blue

Let’s have some fun me and you

So join the party, and let’s all say “Happy New Millennium,” from Ty 2K!

The End

All good things come to an end

It’s been fun for everyone

Peace and hope are never gone

Love you all and say,”So long!”

B.B Bear

The birthday beanie was made for you

Hope your wishes and dreams come true

Be happy today and tomorrow too

Let’s all celebrate the whole year through!

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