Conversation With Princess Violeta and Queen Arielle (Ariel)

Lillian Darnell: Hi there! Who am I talking to today? I’m so curious! Bless me!

Princess Violeta: Hello, my name is Violeta but most people call me Violet. I will call Mother. Mother! Mother!

Queen Arielle: What is it, honey? Oh, hello. Most people call me Ariel instead of Arielle.

Lillian: Why, how pleasant to meet you!! I’ll call your daughter Violet and you: Ariel.

Violet: Let’s get to know each other, Lillian, What is your favorite color? Mine is mint green.

Ariel: That’s a nice question, Violet! What is your favorite animal? Mine is a unicorn!

Lillian: Every shade of Blue is my favorite color, my favorite animal is fish.

Violet: How old are you? I’m 11. What grade are you in? I’m grade 2.

Ariel: What is your teacher? Violet’s teacher is Miss Maned. What school do you go to? Violet’s school is Aryana.

Lillian: I’m 12 and I’m in grade 5th. My teacher is Mrs. Brigette. My school is High Desert Montessouri. Bye bye. I have to get ready for bed.

Violet: Bye. See you around.
Ariel: Bye: Hope to see you again.

This helps people know my personal info people need to know.

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