Book Review: The One and Only Willa Bean

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This is about: Willa Bean thinks that every flying friend should be one of a kind, like her owl, Snooze, and is very upset when a new girl arrives at Cupid Academy with a much larger owl, Mr. Wingston. 

    1. My favorite part was when she met Lucy Summerbreeze. Lucy looked nice that’s why liked it.
    2. The main character is Willa Bean (Willa is always curios), Willa got along with Lucy. 
    3. This book is an illustrated chapter book.
    4. The illustrations showed what and who were in the pictures.

I like it because of all the characters. Also, the cover. 

  1. People who like school, owls, Cupid, and individuality would like this book.
  2. The author is Cecilia Galente.
  3. The publisher is The Random Inc. Company
  4. The illustrator is Kristi Valiant.
  5. Lastly, I recommend the book. 

Little Wings #4: The One and Only Willa Bean (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) (amazon affiliate link)

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