Countries & Zoo

Countries have meanings like: We like Reno because we love NEVADA!!Now give it a try!!!Zoos are amazing but you will have to do your best for me.Okay?

P.S.Okay just be careful and tips

1. Do not go alone (Go with a hiker or parents or me)

2.Always stay in a group of  3 or 4 or more if you would like

3.Don’t wonder around

For example if you wonder around to see a elephant without (someone) ‘s permission. Sorry about it.

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2 thoughts on “Countries & Zoo

  1. Lillian:

    I am a friend of your Mom’s.

    I like reading your blog because you post interesting comments. Just thought I would tell you to keep on writing. You have a gift for it.

    Have a good day at school tomorrow, Lillian. Do something fun with Mom and Thomas.

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